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Published: 14th April 2010
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Dear appreciable Costumer:

Butter Pharma offers you 4 diferent types of Multivitamis Supplement, the first one I will like to talk about is Desesstress, this product will help you with the Stress, because it comes with several vitamins of the B complex, that it will help you recover your nervous system so you will manage the daily Stress, one Desesstress Multivitamins Supplemet box comes with 15 drinkable vials, and the offer I am giving you comes with two boxes, so you will have 30 drinkable vial, I recommend to take one drinkable vial after breakfast, and if you suffer to much Stress take a second drinkable vial after lunch.

I do not use Sugar in the Desesstress formula, so all costumers and diabetics can take it.

I will like to talk about Ferrical Complex, this product is a Multivitamins and Minerals formula that comes with the vitamins and minerals that you body needs for your daily task and to keep your body healthy, it gives you physical and mental energy. Ferrical Complex comes in a box with 15 drinkable vials, and the offer is 2 boxes with 15 drinkable vials each, so you can take monthly dosage. one Drinkable vial after breakfast daily.

I do not use Sugar in the Ferrical Complex formula, so all costumers and diabetics can take it.

I have another formula that will help you with the memory loss, it is called Neuro Ferrical, it comes in boxes with 15 drinkable vials, I also recommend to take one Drinkable vial after breakfast, so you will experienced more energy during the day. if in your daily tasks you body demands more energy, you can take a second drinkable vial after lunch, this dosage that I am recomending it will help you to recover your normal body functions and improve them.

If you have to work during the day and study during the night, Neuro Ferrical is the best Multivitamins Supplement, take a drinkable vial after dinner or around 6 of the afternoon, because with the special formula with vitamins and minerals it will help you feel better and happy. Because of todays economy I know that we have to take two shifts at work or study at night to look for a better lifestyle, and hopping for the best.

I do not use Sugar in the Neuro Ferrical formula, so all costumers and diabetics can take it.

For kids I have Neuro Ferrical syrup, I recomend it for kids, because it will help them to concentrate and perform better in the classroom. I have to tell you that your kids need vitamins and minerals too, so they will grow stronger and healthier. Neuro Ferrical comes in bottles of 240 mililiter, and with the dosage recomended it will lst a week, so that's why I am giving you two bottles for the price of one.

All the different products that I had talked and offer to you, I have been selling them since September 1998 in Central America and in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic. So as you can see, they have been ginving and tested for over twelve years to all my satisfied consumers. I will like that you try them too, I am very confident that it will help you. Yours sincerely Julio Enrique Butter, founder and pharmaceutical responsible for my products.

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